Corporate Offsite Events

Corporate Offsite Events

Plan your next experience

Get creative when planning events on the 57-acre campus.

Plan a multi-day retreat for your organization and fill the schedule with indoor and outdoor activities to take advantage of the waterfront and property.

Things you might do:

  • Paddle Boarding along the shore
  • Bond around a lake-front campfire
  • Fishing along the shores of the bay
  • Hike around the trails and check out the wildlife
  • Sports & outdoor leisure games for team-building or relaxing
  • Participate in a private cooking class

Sally Port View is hosting single or multi-day corporate retreats to provide organizations with a private escape to focus on their crucial goals with the only distraction being the view.

Corporate Offsite Amenities

  • Spend the day focused on training sessions inside the climate-controlled event center
  • 12-person conference room fully AVI equipped allows for private teleconferences and huddles
  • The main hall is equipped with HD projection onto 2 retractable screens and zoned speaker systems
  • Commercial kitchen for culinary experiences
  • Private floor-to-ceiling stalls in every restroom
  • The Patio and Lounge Area provide room to separate groups and huddle
  • Fully catered experiences are available, as well as coordination with local hotels and restaurants to provide an opportunity to explore the North Country.
  • Onsite food preparation allows for customized menus
  • Onsite Lodging – mini guest cottages, full suites
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Event Lawn
  • Walking paths and trails
  • Guided fishing expeditions
  • Water sports

Ready to Book Your Next Offsite?

Interested in booking your next corporate retreat? Check in with our team to schedule your event, or receive help with any questions about the planning.

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