Depending on the event’s needs, you may be able to secure the entire campus or portions of it. We have several different areas to support different event types, both indoor and outdoor. Examples of bookings other than weddings are: festivals, markets, reunions, holiday parties, etc.

We work with a boutique event coordination firm to ensure your experience at Sally Port View will be smooth and enjoyable. We’ll link you up with an Event Coordinator several months before the event, should time allow. During that time, you decide on setup, furniture placement, décor, etc. Any details concerning the reservation can be worked out over a video chat, by phone, or in person.

There are no hidden ‘administrative fees’ as a percentage of the overall bill. The bill is line itemized.

For the most part…yes. If it’s something too crazy we’ll let you know.

That depends on your need and site availability. There are options for everything from full week rentals to weekend weddings (Friday – Sunday) or weekday weddings.

No matter the day or event – all outdoor music ends at 10 pm.

We do not require you to use any specific food caterer, as long as 1.) they are a New York-licensed food caterer and 2.) are approved by site management. Otherwise, we have a list of preferred caterers. Sally Port View sells and serves all alcohol on the campus.

Lodging: We have multiple cottages (each can sleep four) and two suites (each can sleep two) that each have linens and towels provided, should those be included in the rental.

Dining: We provide white tablecloths and napkins.

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Have questions about your special day? We have a library of answers that might help you plan out your perfect event.

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